Some of my most frequently read blogs & websites

Asia-based, mostly in Hong Kong & Singapore...

Gregoire Michaud - Pastry chef extraordinaire, writer, blogger, friend.
Diary of a Growing Boy - A wine fiend; has good tasting notes included in entries.
e*ting the world - One of the best HK-based food writers, 110% food nerd.
Food of Hong Kong & Macau by HK Epicurus - Loads of restaurant reviews, incl. Melbourne ones.
Life as a Bon Vivant - Reviews with great photography.
EdEats - Comprehensive list of restos in HK & Singapore.
Cha Xiu Bao - Another fave of mine.
The Dim Sum Diaries
Travels with a Gourmet - Globetrotting, Puerto Rico-based food lover. Le Cordon Bleu-alumni.
Mochachocolata-Rita - Food, fashion, lifestyle. She kicks ass, in a fun, quirky way. HK-based.
Aromas y Sabores
PanPanSang - Loads of HK resto- & cafe-reviews, especially those in Central & Mid-levels.
Gastronommy - Singapore-based food writer from NYC. Love her style of writing.
Cuisine Paradise - Hundreds of family-style recipes. Singapore-based.
Camemberu - Food adventures in Singapore & the rest of Asia.
Jin Loves To Eat - A fun blog with loads of photos and a global perspective.
Charmaine Mok
Jing Theory - Food culture of China with beautiful text and photography.
Tom Eats Jen Cooks - Seoul-based (for now) couple with an insatiable appetite.  
Chubby Hubby - Singapore's premier food blog, written by the city's biggest foodie. Nice photos too.
OurTastyTravels - Take an American couple, throw them in Taipei, fly them around the world. The result? An amazing food & travel blog. Met this truly global couple twice in HK & have since become friends.

The Aussies...

Grab Your Fork - Gotta love her food adventures! Wildly popular Sydney food blog.
Fig & Cherry - Recipes, reviews, competitions. 
Cook Almost Everything at Least Once - I particularly love the CHEESE page.
Limes & Lycopenes - Health food! (Not in a yucky way...)
Gastronomous Anonymous - A dear friend of mine. LOVE dining with her coz we can eat so much!
Noodlies - An interesting Sydney food blog that uncovers food off the beaten track.
AlmostBourdain - Now-defunct Sydney-based blog. The great recipes still stay, though.
A Table for Two - Written by Billy Law of Masterchef Australia fame.

Rest of the world...

Eatocracy - CNN's food blog.
Lobstersquad - Kitschy, cute food blog-- WITH DRAWINGS!
She Simmers - Thai food blog. One of my ALL TIME FAVES. Just coz I love Thai cuisine so much!
She Who Eats - Japan-based food blog with gorgeous photos, recipes... You know it's good already.
Food Urchin
Eating Asia - Malaysia-based food writer & photographer. - A Youtube royalty; loads of easy to follow gourmet recipes & techniques.
Vanilla Garlic - Food essays & recipes.
Nose to tail at home
Food 52
Whisk : A Food Blog
Average Traveller - Not a food blog per se, but he travels loads & has great meals and tips.
Local Lemons - Locavore advocate.
Azelia's Kitchen - Gorgeous bread recipes.
Rasa Malaysia
The London Foodie
A Hunger Artist
London Eater - Nicely written LDN food blog.
Gourmet Traveller - Another fave LDN food blog. Comprehensive reviews.
101 Cookbooks - A SanFran-based recipe journal.
Betumi Blog - Ghanaian cuisine & beyond; covers sub-Saharan cuisine & culture too!
I Made That!
The Grub Worm
Seven Spoons - Ontario-based food blog. Loads of recipes: warm, inviting, family-syle. 
Tamu Tamu - Kenyan cuisine & experiences. Love her enthusiasm.
Burgh Gourmand
The Rambling Epicure
La Tartine Gourmande
Cooking Issues - Really cheffy & technical blog. Only for seriously serious food nerds (who cook).
Carl Legge - Food writer, champion of sustainability.
A Taste of Tanzania - A comprehansive blog on Swahili food & culture.
Lohi's Creations - Nigerian(ish) food blog.

I don't just read food blogs... Here're other faves!

Cool Hunting
Wanderlister+ Asia
Electric Sekki
Wallpaper* Magazine
Individuality: Joeyma
Through The Looking Glass
Big Lychee
Haitch Kay
Land of No Cheese