Thursday, March 1, 2012


Welcome! With a title that reads Nanika NOMimashoo ("何か飲みましょう!", which is simply Japanese for "Let's grab a drink!"), it's safe to assume this is a food- & drinks- centric blog. It is indeed a food blog, but it is one that hopes to engage its readers both socially and mentally. With a background in sociology & anthropology, I wish to put that all-important human element into what I consider the oldest and most fascinating genre in the world: Food.

No other genre is closer, more intertwined in our daily lives. Till the very day we die, we'll eat three (or more) meals a day, every single day. The world spends over $4 trillion on food annually, which includes 52 billion chickens, over 2 billion turkeys, and around the same number of hogs. How doesn't food shape our lives, our communities, our countries, and even our planet? 

These gargantuan topics will be explored through product & restaurant reviews, photographs, recipes, and most importantly, interviews. I'll speak to the farmer who grows the tastiest heirloom tomatoes. I'll interview the duo of sisters who has been dishing out Penang's best Char Koay Teow for decades from their humble Macalister Road coffeeshop. I'll find out from chefs what are some of the things that inspire them when conceptualising menus. I'll pay my local barista in Surry Hills, Sydney a visit to find out the latest trends in coffee. I'll interview the person who brings out that perfect soufflé from the kitchen to the table. I'll also engage fellow food writers & bloggers to talk about anything & everything relating to gastronomy.
Do join me on this fantastic journey in exploring & documenting how we eat; how we cook, how we dine out; and so much more. 

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  1. Congrats on Australia's newest food blog. Very much looking forward to reading your food adventures!